Global Village Housing
Every person deserves a place to call home!
Early 2015 I travelled over to Cambodia with my mum Jennifer to meet the team from Global Village Housing -  a social enterprise that builds and gifts home to the poorest of the poor in Cambodia. 
I had seen their amazing work online and just had to be involved. I love Asia and had been to many asian countries before. However it was my first trip to Cambodia and I really had no idea how much this incredible country was going to steal my heart.  
Now I feel very privileged to be a part of the Global Village Housing team as the Operations Manager (Volunteer) along side our dedicated team: Founder & Director Jason Thatcher, Monk Chhun Bann and Chouheng Ly. My role is to work closely with our small team to help raise funds, awareness and of course build and gift more houses to those in desperate need. 
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